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South Gippsland Hospital

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South Gippsland Hospital

South Gippsland Hospital required a professional website to serve the community as a local health information portal and to streamline their administration procedures. The Executive Management of South Gippsland Hospital is happy to recommend Loud Mountain as an extremely competent and reliable service provider. Secure staff and board member area. Multiple blog template design […]

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The Heartbleed bug
All Loud Mountain partner servers using OpenSSL have been patched overnight according to the Heartbleed.com recommendations. No customer services were impacted. Furthermore, Loud Mountain promotes and uses at least 12 character passwords (upper and lowercase, letters, numbers, symbols and no dictionary words), none of which are used more than once. As an extra security measure […] Read more – ‘The Heartbleed bug’.
Benefits of webmail over desktop email applications
Work is no longer a 9 to 5 desk job. In the 1960s, over 70% of Australian’s worked a traditional Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 desk job. In 2014, only 9% of employed Australian’s work those traditional hours, with many working ‘flexi-hours’, from home or away from their desk for much of the day. […] Read more – ‘Benefits of webmail over desktop email applications’.
Six tips for setting business strategic goals for 2014
Strategic planning for your business is imperative for long-term survival and profitability, but it’s not always easy to determine where your time should be spent. We show you how to start future-proofing your business and setting achievable strategic goals for the next financial year. via Six tips for setting business strategic goals for 2014. Read more – ‘Six tips for setting business strategic goals for 2014’.

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